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    Health Potion - Drinking Glass

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    "[Customizable name] Health Potion" Drinking Glass – the magical elixir for those who believe in the power of hydration and a touch of whimsy! This glass isn't just for holding your favorite beverage; it's a playful nod to the idea that sometimes, staying hydrated feels like a potion for your well-being.

    Cheers to good health, magical moments, and the perfect glass for both!

    [Customizable name] Health Potion - Drinking Glass. 16.3oz / 483ml

    Beautifully sand etched and will never wear off. Dishwasher safe.

    One Glass: $15 CAD, Two Glasses: $25 CAD

    Quality Slate

    We use 500 million year old slate stone. Sign will not rust, corrode, or fade.

    Longest-Lasting Stone Paint

    Our exterior paint is the highest quality stone paint, good for any weather conditions.

    The WOW Factor

    Quality is achieved by cutting to a depth that cannot be achieved with mere engraving techniques.