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    Choosing the right sign!

    Choosing the right sign!

    Ok, you've decided you want to upgrade your house sign. That's great! But which sign should you choose? Sometimes we think bigger is better, or maybe we want to choose the smallest option to save a few dollars. Before you decide, let's consider the following:

    1. Consider the Space - Sign Size.

    The sign size should fit well in the intended space. If you have a big space over the garage, a small sign just won't cut it. A large sign will do the trick.

    In contrast, if there is a small space next to your door, measure the space with a measuring tape will save you from the disappointment of ordering a sign that just doesn't fit.

    One final thought, if you are adding a sign to a post or porch support column, maybe a vertical sign will be the right solution. A sign like this will maximize the size of the numbers on the sign, and utilize the space well.

    2. Sign Shape.

    Just like sign size above, you must also consider the space when choosing sign shape.  Consider the Vertical-Rectangle sign above, the sign fits the space perfectly.

    The space above a garage door can sometimes have an arch or triangle shape, with a lot of space. A large Breadloaf Shaped sign may be the best fit.

    For the most part, any shape is fine in most cases. Oval is the most popular choice, followed by Breadloaf. 

    3. Paint Colour.

    We currently have 3 paint colours to choose from: White, Silver, and gold. These three colours look good on a black slate sign, and let's be honest, black goes with any house colour. We are seeing more varieties of house colours than ever before. So, which paint colour will best compliment your house colour? 

    White: is a great, classic choice. The contrast of the bright white paint on the black sign, makes the sign "pop"! This option will go well with any house colour. This easy-to-read sign will be no trouble for that delivery driver to find your house...with those fabulous gifts you bought from Keener Gifts. ;)

    House Sign - black slate with white paint.

    Silver: is similar to white. It is a bright silver, and contrasts on the black slate nicely. Pairing the silver paint with your house's trim colour might be a way to help make the decision. 

    House Sign - black slate with silver paint.

    Gold: is a darker colour than the other two options. It looks great on the black slate. You can match the gold paint with the main house colour, or the house trim. This generally goes better with a darker house colour.

    House Sign - black slate with gold paint.

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